CMIS Rev 5.0 May 8, 2021


2022年3月時点で市場にあるトランシーバー及びイーサネットスイッチはRev 3.0もしくはRev 4.0/4.1です。

SFF-8636は4 laneまでしか対応していません。SFF-8024にてQSFP-DDとOSFPはCMISに定義と整理されています。

QSFP-DD MSAで公開されている"Common Management Interface Specification for 8x/16x pluggable transceivers"



2017/09/19のQSFP-DD Hardware Specification Rev 3.0では明記されていませんでしたが、2018/09/18のRev 4.0にて明記されました。

CMISは2018/09/18のRev 3.0が最新です。弊社製品もCMIS Rev 3.0 Hardware spec Rev 4.0に準拠しています。(追記)2019/05/07に Rev 4.0は発行されました。

CMIS Rev 3.0と4.0の互換性問題

WARNING: Implementations compliant to CMIS Revision 4.0 of this specification will not interoperate with revision 3.0 implementations and vice-versa. The following specifications have changed:

- Converted InitMode signal to continuously-sampled LPMode

- Data Path initialization control (Page 10h) meaning/polarity has changed

- Added LowPwr register (Lower memory, Byte 26, bit 6) to switch power mode


使われるコードは SFF-8024にありMMFとSMFはグループ分けされています

SFF-8024 Table 4-6 850 nm MM media interface codes

 Code Application Name Signaling Rate Modulation
0Ch 100GBASE-SR2 26.5625 PAM4
0Eh 200GBASE-SR4 26.5625  
10h 400GBASE-SR8 26.5625  
11h 400G-SR4 53.125 PAM4
12h 800G-SR8    
1Ah 400GE BiDI 26.5625 PAM4

SFF-8024 Table 4-7 SM media interface codes

Code Application Name Signaling Rate Modulation
1Ah 400GBASE-FR8 26.5625 PAM4
1Bh 400GBASE-LR8 26.5625 PAM4
1Ch 400GBASE-DR4 53.125 PAM4
1Dh 400G-FR4 53.125 PAM4
1Eh 400G-LR4 53.125 PAM4 Lane-Specific Monitors

Measured TX bias current

Measured RX input optical power

Measured TX optical power


SFF-8636  Rev 2.9.3

April 15th, 2019

SFF-8024 Rev 4.6

February 14, 2019

Table 3-1 Module form factors and management interface specifications

Form factor Management interface specification
SFP+/SFP28 SFF-8472
QSFP+ SFF-8436
QSFP+ SFF-8636
QSFP28 SFF-8636

Table 4-1 Identifier Values
SFF-8472 A0h, Byte 0
SFF-8636 and CMIS Page 00h Byte 0 and Page 00h Byte 128
Table 4-2 Encoding Values
SFF-8436, SFF-8636 and CMIS Page 00h Byte 139
SFF-8472 A0h Byte 11
Table 4-3 Connector Types
SFF-8436, SFF-8636 and CMIS Page 00h Byte 130
SFF-8472 A0h Byte 2
Table 4-4 Extended Specification Compliance Codes
SFF-8636 and CMIS Page 00h Byte 192
SFF-8472 A0h Byte 36Table 4-5 Host Electrical Interface Codes
CMIS lower page, bytes 86, 90, 94, 98, 102, 106, 110, and 114
Table 4-6 to Table 4-10 Module-Media Interface Codes
CMIS lower page, bytes 87, 91, 95, 99, 103, 107, 111, and 115

Table 4-1 Identifier Values

18h: QSFP-DD Double Density 8X Pluggable Transceiver (INF-8628)

19h: OSFP 8X Pluggable Transceiver

1Ah: SFP-DD Double Density 2X Pluggable Transceiver

1Bh : DSFP (Dual Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceiver

1Eh:  QSFP+ or later with Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS)

Table 4-3

27h:MPO 2x12

28h:MPO 1x16

Table 4-4 Extended Specification Compliance Codes

25h: 100GBASE-DR


27h: 100G-LR


Table 4-6 850 nm MM media interface codes

10h: 400G-SR8

11h: 400G-SR4

12h: 800G-SR8

1A: 400GE BiDI

Table 4-7 SM media interface codes

1Ch: 400GBASE-DR4

1Dh: 400G-FR4

1Eh: 400G-LR4

INF-8628 QSFP-DD 8X Transceiver (QSFP Double Density)

2016/07/27にRev 0.0が作成されている。あくまでもドラフトの文章。


Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS)

Lane Signaling Rate, GBd

InfiniBand EDR 25.78125 NRZ

InfiniBand HDR 26.5625 PAM4

10G CPRI 9.8304 NRZ

25G CPRI 24.33024  NRZ

CIPRI E.99 10.1376

CIPRI E.119 12.16512

CIPRI E.238 24.33024

10G-LR : 10.3125

25G-LR: 25.78125


  SFF-8472 SFF-8636 CMIS
Vendor name 20 148 129
Vendor OUI 37 165 145
Vendor PN 40 168 148
Vendor rev 56 184 164
Vendor SN 68 196 166
Date Code 84 212 182
Media Connector Type 2 130 203
Media Interface Technology   147 212
Length (OM5)     Page 01h 133(x2m)
Length (OM4)     Page 01h 134(x2m)
Length (OM3)     Page 01h 135(x2m)
Length (OM2)     Page 01h 136(x1m)