Mellanox 4.5W制限

純正品の100G LR4(MC2210511-LR4)の消費電力は 4.5Wであるため使用できるポートが各製品毎に異なる。

  • SN2700 - use ports 1,2,31,32 only

  • SN2100 - use ports 1, 2, 15, 16 only
  • SN2410 - use ports 49, 50, 55, 56 only. Note: When 100G LR4 (4.5W) is used, ports 51,52,53,54 should use cables or transceivers that consume up to 1.5W

If a high power transceiver (e.g. LR4) is inserted to a port that does not support it, the link does not go up, and the following warning message is displayed: "Warning: High power transceiver is not supported" when the command "show interfaces ethernet" is run.